Town of Vauxhall, Alberta

Potatoes (Sammy & Samantha)

Potatos © September 2000 David YanciwPotatos © September 2000 David Yanciw
Peter Soehn (Kelowna, BC)

When Built: 1993

Height: 7 Feet (2.1 Metres)
Circumference (each): 10.4 Feet (3.2 Metres)
Base length: 20 Feet (6.1 Metres)
Base width: 6 Feet (1.8 Metres)
Base height: 3 Feet (.9 Metres)
Sign height: 7 Feet (2.1 Metres)
Sign length: 5.5 Feet (1.7 Metres)

Construction Materials:

West side of Highway 36, south end of town

Reason for Building:

To advertise Vauxhall as "THE POTATO CAPITAL OF THE WEST"

Additional Information:

There was originally an old sign that advertised Vauxhall as the Potato Capital of the West. It was a 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood (mounted on two poles) that was cut to look like a potato and called Sammy the Spud (may have also been called Bud the Spud). It was erected in the late 50's and had become very weathered. When a new sign became necessary the Town Council decided Sammy should have a mate - and so Samantha joined Sammy.

Samantha is a Red Potato and Sammy is a White Potato.

Peter Soehn also designed the Gopher in Torrington, Squirt the Skunk in Beiseker, and Pinto MacBean in Bow Island.

Here is a picture of me with the potatoes:
Potatoes © September 2000 Samson Yee

Information Source: Jim Monti, the Town of Vauxhall

Picture Source: DMY and Samson Yee


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