Windmill of Edam, Saskatchewan

It's 25 feet tall. It was built to commemorate the Dutch settlers that originally settled here in the early 1900's. Also as a point of interest stop on Highway #26. Edam's slogan is "A Little Bit of Holland in Saskatchewan" The Trans Canada Trail's alternate Saskatchewan route directly passes the windmill. The local TransCanada Trail committee has erected a Marker at the Windmill, commemorating the local donors. Two plaques reads: "This cairn Erected as a Saskatchewan Hertige Project in 1985 by the people of Edam and District and the Government of Saskatchewan." "This windmill was erected by the people of Edam and District to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Province of Saskatchewan and to honour the original Dutch settlers, some from Edam, Holland who homesteaded in this area. During the period 1904 - 1906 and who also named the Village of Edam in memory of their hometown of Edam, Holland June 1980"