Town of Kyle, Saskatchewan

Woolly Mammoth (Wally)

Mammoth © September 2000 David YanciwMammoth © September 2000 Samson Yee

Designer: Don Foulds

When Built: July 6, 1981

Height: 9 Feet 11 Inches (3 Metres)
Weight: 1,749 Pounds

Construction Materials:

North End of Town on the North side of Centre Street and Railway Avenue - in Kinsmen Park.

Reason for Building:

It is a replica of the woolly mammoth that was unearthed in this area October 17, 1964 by a scraper blade during road construction. The mammoth bones were determined to be about 12,000 years old.

Additional Information:

That is me in the second picture. The monument was restored in 2001.

It was dedicated by the Kinsemen club of Kyle.

Here is another photo. This one is provided by Brenda McDonald. Pictured along with the statue are the photographer's niece Jenny and nephews Drew and Reed Howatt:
Mammoth - Brenda McDonald

Don Foulds also created the Indian Head in Indian Head, SK, the Turtle in Turtleford, SK, the Moose in Moose Jaw, SK and Giant Squid in Glover's Harbour, Nfld.

Information Source: Plaque in front of the monument

Picture Source: Brenda McDonald, Samson Yee and DMY


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