Town of Davidson, Saskatchewan

Coffee Pot and Cup

Coffee Pot © July 2000 David YanciwCoffee Pot © July 2000 David Yanciw
Designer: Austin Eade of
Harvest Services (Craik, SK)

When Built: 1996

Height: 24 Feet (7.3 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Sheet Metal

Southwest corner of the junction of Highways 11 and 44

Reason for Building:

"To symbolize Davidson's friendliness and hospitality." Davidson is known as the "halfway" point between Regina and Saskatoon. As a result, Davidson often hosts meetings when groups from both cities need to get together.

Additional Information:

Capable of holding 150,000 8-ounce cups of coffee. There are different murals painted on each side.

That is me in the first photo. My brother took the photo. Here is a photo I took February 1999. I could not get any closer as the snow was too deep. This photo does illustrate well its surroundings.
Coffee Pot © February 1999 David Yanciw

Information Source: Town of Davidson

Picture Source: DMY


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