Village of Chamberlain, Saskatchewan

Surveyor and Ox Cart

Surveyor © August 2002 David YanciwSurveyor © August 2002 David Yanciw

Designer: Don Wilkins (Girvin, SK)

When Built: June 24, 2002

Height: 12 Feet (3.7 Metres)

Construction Materials:

East side of Highway 11, in front of the Village Office

Reason for Building:

Members of communities along Highway #11 from Lumsden to Hanley have formed a group called the Midlakes Community Coalition. This Surveyor, the Buffalo Hunter (Craik, SK), Bison (Girvin, SK) and the Ox and Cart (Aylesbury, SK) are tied to this initiative. These particular monuments were created by Don Wilkins and feature ox carts.

Additional Information:

The Village also features Prairie Lilies:
Prairie Lilies
Here is what they look like together:
Surveyor and Lilies © August 2002 David Yanciw

As with the Buffalo Hunter in Craik, SK, the eyes appear to be chrome whereas the body is unprotected steel which looks like it it will be allowed to rust (except the eyes).

Information Source: Vern and Here and There

Picture Source: DMY


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