Town of Vermilion Bay, Ontario

Big Foot or Sasquatch or Mutant Hitch Hiker

Big Foot - Regan Paynter
Designer: Unknown

When Built: Late 1950's or early 1960's. Moved to present location in 1982.

Height: 18 Feet (5.5 Metres)
Weight: 3,800 pounds.

Construction Materials:
Cement and iron

Trans Canada Highway, in front of a gas station.

Reason for Building:

Erected by a gas station and restaurant to entice people to stop.

Additional Information:

As far as the current owners are aware, the statue was made by a man who visited the area. It took him an entire summer to make it.

Surprisingly, even though it is pretty heavy, this monument seems to move around a bit. It was located in the nearby community of Waldhof until 1982, when it was purchased by Liz and Max Lang to place in front of their gas station.

There is a speaker inside the figure with a microphone at the garage so that "Big Foot" can occasionaly talk to people who stop and take their picture in front of it.

Information Sources: Liz and Max Lang, Sharon Winzoski Jewett and Canada's Gigantic! by Henri Robideau

Pictures Sources: Regan Paynter


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