Town of Mattice, Ontario

Voyageur (Missinaibi Voyageur)

Voyager - Gerald KornelsenVoyager - Steve Robinson
Designer: Denys Heppell (St-Jean-Port-Joli, PQ)
based on the original drawing
by Florence Dupéré.

When Built: October 1997


Construction Materials:
Steel structure, injected "styromousse" (French word believed to be polyurethane foam) covered with fibreglass and bronze paint

South side of Highway 11 (Trans-Canada) at the west entrance of town, just before the two-lane highway bridge.

Reason for Building:

It is to signify the heart of the Missinaibi Waterway Provincial Park. This waterway was very significant in the fur trade.

Additional Information:

It was erected by the municipality (Township) of Mattice - Val-Coté with the financial assistance of the government of Canada and the Province of Ontario under the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Works program; the Ontario Northland Railway generously offered the site.

That is the photographer's (Steve Robinson) daughter Jesse and son Kyle helping the Voyager in the second photo.

Mattice also features Dinosaur Statues:
dinosaurs - Elizabeth Iozzo

Denys Heppell also created the Moose and Wolves in Hearst, Ontario, the Lake Trout in Larder Lake, Ontario as well as the Moose in Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario.

Information Sources: Jules Plamondon

Pictures Sources: Steve Robinson, Elizabeth Iozzo and Gerald Kornelsen


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