Gold Star Town of Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba

Anishinaabe "Distinct Society"
(Trail of Whispering Giants)

Whispering Giant - Robert TubbsWhispering Giant © 1999 Samson YeeWhispering Giant © 1999 David Yanciw
Designer: Peter "Wolf" Toth

When Built: 1991

Height: 35 Feet (10.7 Metres)
Weight: 19,841 Pounds (9,000 Kilograms)

Construction Materials:
Wood (20,000 lbs of red cedar from Campbell River, B.C.)

West side of the park, across from the Caboose Tourist Booth.

Reason for Building:

It is a tribute to the Ojibwa, Assiniboine and Cree of Manitoba.

Additional Information:

It took approximately three months to construct.

Peter Toth, a Hungarian Native, has a mission "to create at least one monument in each of the fifty states, the provinces of Canada and the states of Mexico." All of the monuments are sculptures of Native Americans and are part of a series of Whispering Giants that he has been sculpting since 1971.

Peter created the Nibiising monument in North Bay, Ontario.

Plaque on the monument reads:
"Here stands a tribute to the aboriginal people of Manitoba. What was once a 6 foot thick, 30 foot cedar log from Campbell River, British Columbia now stands as a symbol of brotherhood in Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba.

This creation, by wood carver, Peter "Wolf" Toth, began on Canada Day, July 1, 1991 and was ceremoniously unveiled on September 1, 1991.

This is the 67th carving in a long trail of Whispering Giants that started in 1970 and now reaches throughout most of North America.

In creator Peter "Wolf" Toth's Words, "My monuments are made to remind people of the contributions of the Indians of this country - statues to honor the plight of the native peoples of North America"

The Town of Winnipeg Beach and the Province of Manitoba Parks Branch have co-operated to locate this magnificant woodcarving for all to see. May it become a symbol of brotherhood and unity for all who pass this way."

Information Source: Town of Winnipeg Beach plaque, and Roberston, Bud "Jurassic Prairie" Winnipeg Free Press August 30, 1994

Pictures Sources: Samson Yee, Robert Tubbs, and DMY


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