Two white Tailed Deer Statues of St. Malo, Manitoba

Plaque reads: "WILDLIFE FOR THE FUTURE This white-tailed deer statue is placed in recognition of the valuable volunteer assistance provided to the Department of Natural Resources by the St. Malo and District Wildlife Association and Area Residents. From 1985 to 1988, in the first ever large scale urban deer relocation program in Canada 283 white-tailed deer were captured and moved from the city of Winnipeg to the St. Malo Wildlife Management Area and surrounding region. Area residents provided countless hours of assistance and equipment to transport deer during the relocation program. Also recognized is the contribution of the St. Malo District Wildlife Association and area residents who contributed volunteer time and provided financial resources to establish the St. Malo and Rat River Wildlife Management Areas. Their dedication toward the preservation of our precious wildlife resource is equalled by few. Placed this 7th day of July 1990 St. Malo & District Wildlife Association"