Gold Star Village of Gilbert Plains, Manitoba

Golf Ball (Gilbert)

Golf Ball © 1999 David YanciwGolf Ball © 1999 David Yanciw
Designer: Carla Mandzuik (Gilbert Plains)
Built by: Ralph Berg (Cabri, SK)

When Built: 1997

Height: 11 Feet (3.4 Metres)
Diameter: 6.25 Feet (1.9 Metres)

Construction Materials:
Steel covered with fibreglass

Centre of Town (North Side) on Highway 5

Reason for Building:

Created as a community mascot and Chamber of Commerce project, design from an economic development contest.

Additional Information:

Yes he is holding a hockey stick

The plaid used in the pants and tam is a Ross Tartan. The community was named after Gilbert Ross, one of its first residents.

The cost of the monument was $8,560.

Ralph Berg has created the Prairie Rattlesnake/Western Meadow Lark , Mule Deer , Burrowing Owls , and Ord's Kangaroo Rats , all of which are in Leader, SK, the Prehistoric Bison in St. Louis, SK, the Deer in Biggar, SK, the Antelope and Goose in Cabri, SK, the Pronghorn Antelope in Cereal, AB, Snow Goose in Dunrea, MB, the Bunnock in Macklin, SK the Canvas-Backed Duck in Minnedosa, MB, the Elk in Onanole, MB, Ox in Paradise Hill, SK, the Northwest Mounted Policeman in Redvers, SK, and the Polar Bear in White Bear, SK.

An article about Ralph Berg and the golf ball was written at:

Information Source: Plaque beside statue and the Village of Gilbert Plains

Pictures Sources: DMY


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