Snow Goose of Dunrea, Manitoba

Plaque on pedestal reads: In celebration of the Year 2000, the Dunrea Flea Market Committee has erected this snow goose sculpture. This sculpture recognizes our geographic location in the central North American Geese Flyway. These geese have been known to migrate through this area since the late 1880's. The hardy snow geese are the most numerous among all breeds that migrate through this area. A popular resting area for migrating geese is at Bone Lake, 3 miles Northeast of Dunrea." This big guy weighs 1200 pounds. There is now a flower bed around it and the community will be edging the flower bed with bricks Spring of 2003. Also, there are now a couple of "golden eggs" which someone mysteriously placed at the statue. The town had a "Let's name the goose" contest in 2002 and the local judges chose Cabrea (ca-bree-ah), after the Cabri, Sk where the goose was "hatched" and Dunrea, where it has permanently "landed".