Gold Star City of Dauphin, Manitoba

Beaver (Amisk)

Beaver © 1999 David YanciwBeaver © 1999 Samson Yee
Designer: Ross Owen (Thunder Bay, ON)

When Built: 1967

Height (to hat): 16 Feet (4.9 Metres)
Height (to head): 12 Feet (3.6 Metres)
Width: 6 Feet (1.8 Metres)

Construction Materials:

South End of Town on Highway 5A/10A

Reason for Building:

To commemorate Canada's Centennial

Additional Information:

Amisk is Cree for Beaver.

Also known as "the Beaver of Skilligalee." Skilligalee is a Scottish word to describe oatmeal with boiling water poured over it - in reference to the basic food that the pioneers had to eat or the soupy condition of the soil in the rainy season.

Beavers are plentiful in the region and a beaver has been on the Town crest since it was incorporated as a village in 1898.

The initial idea was to have more of these statues depicting the "Beaver Family" hunting, fishing, golfing, playing hockey, playing baseball.

Amisk has been vandalized by the time of the above photos. It had damage to its tail and grafitti, including a painted on mustache.

Information Source: Dauphin & District Chamber of Commerce, pamphlet: "Dauphin's 'Beaver of Skilligalee'", and Ted Owen

Pictures Sources: Samson Yee and DMY


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